Vision and Mission

  1. To promote and protect a standardized Edo Language that can be spoken and written by all Edo Language speaking people of Edo state: Edo, Ishan, Afemai, Ora, and Etsako.
  2. To use the language medium to promote Edo culture and heritage. 
  3. To keep Edo-speaking people homogeneous in speaking and writing without adulteration.
  4. To keep Edo-speaking people united worldwide.
  5. To ensure the overall development of Edo State and its people in all ramifications.
  6. To promote the teaching of the Edo Language at all levels of learning: Home, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, and Universities.
  7. To project the teaching of the Edo Language to other nationals through our love for Edo Language and Culture. 
  8. To encourage and support the research of Edo Language and culture.
  9. To use Edo Language to promote unity, moral values or ethos, and patriotism.

Compiled by Dr. Patricia Emwinghama Fadaka-Igbinovia, New York