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Edo Elders Award-Edo Language Day Worldwide

Nekpen Obasogie has incorporated Edo Elders Awards into the Edo Language Day program—to be hosted on Edo Language Day Worldwide—with a maximum number of six nominees annually. The award program is geared towards recognizing and honouring Edo Elders, who have contributed immensely to the development of Benin History, Culture, Education and Arts. All the 2023 nominees are required to attend the award ceremony in Toronto or Benin City on August 12th, 2023. Any nominated Elder in Benin will be invited to receive the award at the Victor Uwiafo Creative Hub in Benin City.

  1. Chief Osayọmwabọ Ọsẹmwegie Ẹro
  2. Professor Patricia E. Fadaka-Igbinovia
  3. Lady Aghabiọmon Ogbẹiwi
  4. Mrs. Florence Ayanru
  5. High Priest Ọsẹmwegie Ẹbọhọn
  6. Pa Eghianruwa Ọmọruyi  

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